As winter is left in autumn's wake i am forgotten memories of me are dispersed now free to roam the pathways of archival ruin
This liberation is nothing more than a prison irreconcilable are the wrongs that have caused these scars my sins will forever be
Etched in my eyes false hope for resolution becomes the impossibility that prolongs my torture until times end forever forgotten
Amidst the decay shrouded by a blanket of lifeless leaves for i see the crown in abject humility i the downtrodden look upon your
Beauty and when it is eclipsed by the taint of another enshrouded by the putrid stench of evil and finality when my cries cease
To fall on your already deaf ears i will return to my fate to search for but an echo of love in your dead eyes
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Left In Autumn's Wake Lyrics

Enamored – Left In Autumn's Wake Lyrics