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Got Rice Diss Lyrics

Emsixteen – Got Rice Diss Lyrics

It's the em-1-6 bitch fuck the rest
You A-Z-N cunts betta were a vest
Adelaide, Sydney Victoria
I always win I am victorious
Horrorsheema, ha that blew up in ya face
I’ll pull a hittler and exterminate ur race
I hit ya girl from the back n she felt my size
I could tell from the wideness of her eyes

Got rice, bitch? Got rice?
Got food, got soup, got spice?
Got brains like me? Got skills like me?
Got cars? Got clothes? Got girls like me?
Wassup I'm the shit get it right you fools
I'm ill on the mic n in real life too
You think ur cool you try to hard n you rap like chingy
Go back to china n remember 100 to a dingy
Last night ya mum blew me and she lapped it up
But she could do wiv sum braces and aleast an a cup
I fuck with you, I fuck with all bitch, ill just smoke sum blunts
One on one fuck that I take all three of you pansys at once

Got rice bitch? Got rice?
Anything you can show that is nice?
Got cash, got moves, got thoughts like you?

Fuck yes, Hell I'm white n on the mic I'm mellow
Shut up c*** you aint black you are fuckin yellow
N you a pansy you in skool n you can't get a bitch
That's bcoz you only got 2inches of hard dick
Get the fuck off our roads you cunts can't drive
How the fuck can you see wiv your squinty eyes
And you roll in a datsun that’s a piece of shit
And that’s pretty sad when you claim your rich
Don’t worry I aint racist well maybe just a bit

Got rice bitch, got rice?
Got luck anytime you roll the dice?
Well you need sum luck coz I steal ya chicks
Coz I'm thug for life baby, em one six
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