I'm starting to feel younger,
And the dark skies have swum away,
I'm starting to feel reckless,
This is starting to make sense.
When you're here, it's like walking on Jupiter.

Pretty soon I'm gonna wake up,
See the dream for what it is,
When you're here, it's like walking on Jupiter
Coz you take my breath away

And even gravity can't bring me down.

So put your hands together,
Throw on your dancing shoes,
All I wanna do
Is slide through galaxies
Samba on the stars
And walk.

When you're here

And I open my eyes,
I watch you disappear.

When you're here,
I can feel you here,
And just like a dream,
In these seconds when we meet,

It's like I'm walking on Jupiter
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Walking On Jupiter Lyrics

Empty Cages – Walking On Jupiter Lyrics

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