Down on the tenement row...
One soppy marriage, now they’re thinking of things to throw.

And down by the canal moon,
The railway lover is making his bid for fame.

You sit in the kitchen and I sit in the hall,
We don't talk much, talk each other no more,
But I wish I was back, back on the streets again.

Yesterday made me blue.
Rock and roll Jonny, now you're lost on the avenue.

Rain falls down on the signs,
Taking the poor kids home on frozen lines.

And looking back at the city, through red hot tears.
Things’a grew down at heel all those years,
But I wish I was back, back on the streets again.

Yeah we was Groovin'.

There's people asking where you've been.
I said you ought to see his face, he looks so thin.

The house is on its wild own sound,
But no one ever comes around to cut him down.

But I know where he's been, if we can get it right.
We'll give up just about everything tonight,
And get back on the streets, back on the streets again.

Groo, Groo, Groo, Groovin'.
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Groovin Lyrics

Emmitt Till – Groovin Lyrics

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