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Victory Lyrics

Emmanuel Dahnlo – Victory Lyrics


I have victory
Over my enemies (2x)
The Lord has given me victory
Over all my enemies
He has given me victory
Over all my enemies ya



Victory, victory
Victory, victory
Victory, victory
Over all my enemies (3X)

Once upon a time
When I was still in the world
I never knew the Lord
I was a fool in his sight
But now I have come
To accept him with my heart
It is said in his word
Man shouldn’t live by bread alone
But the word of the Lord
I have come to my God
I have gained my salvation
O yes I am blessed
Victory is mine
Cus’ the Lord is by me

Yea…….yea, yea…….yea

Yea…….yea, yea…….yea ah ha

Sing victory


Christian brother listen
I can not be tire
To go where he sends
To do what he says
I have been called victory
In all of my trials
He has make me David
Over, all my Goliath
Has given me the strength
To fight all my Delilah
And now I am proud
To shout very loud to say


Hallelu jah
I will give you the thanks and praises
Cus’ he has given me victory
The Lord is good (2x)

If you know that the Lord has given you victory
Over your situations in life
I want u shout hallelujah
Dance for the Lord
Cus’ he is worthy to be praised
Sing glory
Unto the Lord
And let the earth be soaked
With his glory

The Lord has given me ya

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