Eyo girl, eyo baby. I told ya ima gone do this for ya, aha. kule... and I don't be lying, it's your timee!

Baby, when you call on me I wil be right there for you.
Baby no need for you to be crying all day long.
Baby you will be shinning like a star up in the sky
Baby you've got me so you'll be flying
Flying, flying, we up in the sky ei, ei ei ei, ei.

Alright baby why you so damn fine?
Do you really want me as your man?
I know you not looking for love but I get it going baby girl that's what's up
I'm a veteral baby I can let you down
Do you wanna be with me in my downtown
Or you wanna be in miami with me you wanna be on ocean docks or you've got an idea
I take you to wherever
In the bedroom baby girl I can be a winner
My sex game girl I can control
There is no rushing so I will take it slow
That's why I thought of doing this song
For you to listen all night long yeah

Repeat chorus

She's my lil queen
She's my beauty queen
Niggarz tryna pick with her but they never win
They tryna "f" with her, ima "f" with em
Ima blow em with my ak 47
Click cla booom nigga you out
Dis regirozy, the girls one and only
Am a cool dude so you can call me hommie
Am a super man so I can super fly
In your dreams I come around and take you high
Alright, you know dis shit aint goin down
Alright so f to all ma haterz, expect me for the next round

Repeat chorus.
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Baby Call On Me Lyrics

Emmanuel Bossu Kule – Baby Call On Me Lyrics

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