Give me disco lights
While I've got
Dishes on repeat
You're forgettable like 1993

But do you think of me when the girl is like a weight
And all the future's running late
My psychic says I have until December then it's love love love

Jonny left me silence in my hand
Best friend's in a dress and making wedding plans
Under disco lights it all seems meaningful and bright
If I didn't blow it all last night you'd see me dancing
You'd see me dancing

The Ballad of your Existence
Another dinner to survive
All the shadows over Hammersmith collide
I never cross your mind

I forget the way a girl comes down
Because I'm always hanging around like this
So dry and unexcited but I've got friends
Some fair weather friends

Jonny left me silence in my hand
Roll the tape I'll show you how the ending began
You'd see me dancing around around around
You have no right to bring me down
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Disco Lights Lyrics

Emm Gryner – Disco Lights Lyrics