I'm like a white Michael, Vick-
Psycho enough to stick Michael J Fox in a microwave with a rock-

I might make a little Alazae with a side of Nyquil and a ride of motorcycle fight right through the side of my high school-

Satans disciple with a sniper rifle and a knife and a white diaper labble the shit on you while I snipe you-

So dopy gets a ropy yes it's put inappropriate way to start off this day, he made us smart off to dre-

He may be hard to contain cause his rages so hard to gauge. See Hannibal ate his face and made Jason gnawed off his leg-

What makes him hard off her raises a blades and anything sharp even poisonous darts it all plays a major part in his game, holy water won't ward him off crucifixes won't do the trick he's so sick it's ridiculous saw the crazy part off his brain and he stood insane, why is there blood stains on his carpet mane it's some crazy shit going on in shadys apartment again-

News flash I'm still trashed some pills should have killed my ass but they didn't they just made me stronger, it's like they rebuilt in my ass like the six-million dollar man after the crash it's half the man bitch in my milk glass and still have fifty-

Yeah tip me, hell isn't enough they need to invent someone new to sing me as sick as I'm getting they'll stick me in a conventional oven with the rotisserie setting and won't even notice me sweating-

Should I dun layed a verse, says some foul shit trying to go back fix it fucked around and just made it worse-

Yeah I'm back, lookin no worse for where, got these haters mad another rip of the hair start punching the air, panicked someone to punch at the can functionin shady and Royce fuck yeah what a dysfunctional pair-

So stop acting like a punk get a pair, take a pill and fall the fuck out spill your lunch in the chair-

I'll do a hundred yard dash just to slash Kim kardashian in the ass with a shard of glass from nick hogans car crash, human of like the passenger of that, don't be a smartass, yeah laugh when you sit there thinkin that the hard part passed-

You haven't seen pain till leatherface flips mane I'll cut your fucking balls off homie my saws off the chain, I chop the bitch in half with it, sawed off her legs and the top half of her torso fucking crawled off and sang-

I aint seen shit like that since I went to mike jacks took the hell of a man scoffed fucked it and put it right back, handed my dick the buttholes while he sucked it and licked my nut sack, can't even reach around while I fucked him right in his butt crack-

Nah, I ain't takin it back faggot fuck that, I give a fuck about nothin so here's where you fucked up at, don't go touching that can man you don't wanna open up that wait ahh shit...

*Fade out*
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White Michael Jordan Lyrics

Eminem – White Michael Jordan Lyrics