All in the spring
As the lovers and birds would sing
I'd be walking alone with nowhere to go
Quietly doing my thing
Then came the sign of an energy shining so bright
As you closely walked by
Your eyes met with mine
Making me feel so alive and

Oh... I have been waiting for all of this time
Oooh... Finally found it, my love has arrived
Once there was me
Now there's you and I

We spent that day
And we laughed and we smiled and we played
And with everything right
Not a problem in sight, I prayed that this moment would stay
Then came the night and we stared at the stars in the sky
As we spoke of our plans you reached for my hand making me feel so alive and


Before you came my world was empty (my was empty yeah)
You brought the joy back to my soul (you brought the joy back)
And I know that we will stay more than friendly (I know, I know, I know, ooh)
Cause I want to be with you always yeah

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U And I Lyrics

Emily King – U And I Lyrics