Oh when you stumble every time you walk,
Oh when you stutter every time you talk, hey...
Don't look back,
Don't look back.

Your legs are no longer but you walk just the same,
Your charm is a pleasure yet an ever changing cage,
It's like I walked into a dagger, took a step back,
You turned around and didn't look back

I'm a rusty nail, you're an iron maid.
You closed the coffin on everything I've saved,
A red petal fallen, onto a concrete mass,
A dark memento, every time you pass

Please, walk back to me
Because three kings are all I see

Red, White, fire in the night
Where are you going, dressed so well?
Blue, White, fire in the night,
Where are you going, dressed like hell?

Please, walk back to me.
Cause, three kings are all I see.
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Dagger Lyrics

Emily Jane White – Dagger Lyrics