I should have known better
To belive that it would wait
I played by my heart forever
And I learned the hard way
Now I just don't look back
Or it's gonna hurt so bad, but
It's okay I'll take my chances
Out on what I have to do
But if my hearts breaks
I'll just try to pull through

Just walk away
Gotta say good-bye
I don't want to now how it's gonna end
But I need to go
I hope you understand
You'll always be in my heart
I promise
Just walk away
I love you
That's one thing I need to say
But I don't know how to say
Just walk away

This is what has to go
But I'd like you to know
That when I'm gone I'm always thinkin of you
But this how it's gonna be
For you and me, baby
If my luck had changed
That would change everything
I'm always doing the right thing
I'm gonna do what I have to do
And I'll pull through
Cause I have to


I'm sorry, but it can never last forever
But all I know we will stay together
Cause I can't take back
All our love, but when my heart breaks
I don't now what to do
Leaving you is like a rainy day
The tears comein down my face
Just walk away

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Just Walk Away (Promise) Lyrics

Emily Bankawits – Just Walk Away (Promise) Lyrics