I seek you out, flay you alive
One more word and you won't survive
And I'm not scared of your stolen power
See right through you any hour

[Verse One: Emilio Rojas]
My past is catchin’ up to me, I swear
All the voices in my head is the only thing I seem to hear
I done lost so many friends throughout the years
And I done gained so many enemies, my friends don’t seem so sincere
I’m the one everybody wanna like to hate
And never gonna say what I like to say
And if you text the wrong bitch, then she can screenshot your whole life away
That’s the price I pay for my sins, ex-wifey be all in my business
She fuckin' who I do business with and taking pictures of it and twitterin'
Now that’s karma and I'm never gonna end up penning with them guys
Can’t tell if it’s my karma or a blessing in disguise
I been running with dope boys and my people are flooding the city
Makin' money off of the drugs that's gotten my aunt and my cousin addicted
That’s karma, I’m living it and I pray to god for forgiveness
So when I pay for all my sins that I just can’t keep up with the interest
I used to pick on my sister for datin' chicks
Now the man she fell in love with, she’s takin' care of, he’s sick
That’s karma, my family suffered for what I did
Quit school and now my mother still working them triple shifts
That’s karma, I probably got a bounty on my head
God ain’t answerin' my prayers cause he busy tryna collect, that’s karma.


[Verse Two: Chris Webby]
Any girl I’ve ever dated, I left 'em heartbroken
My mother’s the only woman left who’s got her arms open
Shit, I was a dick to her too, always a tough kid
Anytime that my parents would give me advice
I responded back like "fuck this or fuck that or fuck you"
But really in the end, it was fuck me
I could’ve avoided a lotta mistakes but the karma gonna find you
Trust me, yeah, don’t trust me, go learn for yourself
That the past gon' come back to haunt you
Do right by your people cause there ain’t no running from that goddamn karma That’s karma, it could eat you up, try not to let it fuck with me
Thinkin' this drinking, drugs and cigarette smoking won’t ever catch up with me That’s karma cause they told me to treat your body like a temple
As I light another camel blue and ash it out the window
Take another swig of jack and take another hit of weed
And pop another fuckin' Ambien so I can fall asleep, that’s karma
There ain't no way to cross it off or cancel it
When it comes for you, you take it like a man and handle it
All the sins I’ve carried out and buried in the past
They gonna find me in the end, until then, I’m just hopin' that
Me givin' this homeless dude on the street corner my 20 dollars
Gon' somehow even out my debt and put me right with karma
That karma...

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Seek You Out Lyrics

Emilio Rojas – Seek You Out Lyrics