Well maybe
You can't always understand things
Well maybe
You don't always hear it right the 1st time
I know you can sparkel
At least through my eyes

Why do they make fun of you?
You're just like anyone else
And they laugh too
They need to see
It's not just you with a problem
Cause we all do have one

So what
If you can't learn as fast
So what
If you're not top in the class
You try your hardest
And that's enough
For me

(Repeat chorus)

You're beautiful
You're beautiful
You're kinda
And really nice
So maybe
You have a disability
It makes you
No different from me

(Repeat chorus)

So maybe you're not the tallest mountain
Or the intune guitar
Or the top dog
Or the most popular girl
But at least you're you
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You're Just You Lyrics

Emilee Grochowski – You're Just You Lyrics