Under the conceit of
Superior discernment the ignorant
Adores all conditioned things
The illiterated are always eager to
See the fundamental optical delusion
With origins in restricted karmic desires and
Impeded emotional affections
An immemorial pattern leading
Into lecherous sufferings
Their misery is manifold
And multiform and symbolizes
An embodiment of a truth
The wretchedness of mourning
Lies in the rapture of martyrdom
The wretchedness of martyrdom
Lies in the rapture of mourning
The design of the unbroken continuity
Lies hidden in the layers of the opulent
And potent manifestation from
Which the ultimate
Point of creation originates
And where the
Wretchedness of mourning
Lies in the rapture
Of it's material martyrdom
And the strength of
Martyrdom lies
In the rapture of it's
Ultimate mourning
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Nescientia Lyrics

Emeth – Nescientia Lyrics