Take me away from this place we call our own
And in it's space will inhabit my own soul
You will come to be more than yourself
And all this world has seems to fade away
I'm just an average man reaching out my hand
Asking you to love me
So hold me if you can my one and only stand
Asking you to love me
My love it seems so pure but your not even sure
If you even love me
I'd fade away today just to hear you say
How much it is you love me
And when you feel this way your to close to take me from this place
See me, I'm a man, with my hand stretched out to you
Take me far away from this place
Ask why, why I'm here
This heart aches nothing new
And you'll leave, me with out a trace
And when your lead away your to close to feel me
Your to close to know what you need to see me
(I'm just an average man holding out my hand) [repeat]
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Hold My Hand Lyrics

Embraced – Hold My Hand Lyrics