A memory from the past, I'm in it's power, a feeling, that's in my soul.
I'd like to believe it all didn't happen but the past can't be wiped,
Can't be destroyed. Disappointment brees me out.
I'm wounded by your words like a bleed stabbed into my heart
That's painted red by my blood. Arguments and feelings fight inside me.
This fight can only be fought alone. All my power concentrated on victory.
The end just depends on me. (this fight pain me) I fear to lose.
Commited crime?
Forgiveness! Bleeding soul? Love! This is that keeps me alive,
Gives power to me to forgive. The bleeding wound heals up,
But the scar remains and makes me remember (forever)
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The Wound In My Bleeding Soul Lyrics

Embers – The Wound In My Bleeding Soul Lyrics