Thought I could let go,
Become who I should be.
But sometimes my reflection said
To give up on those dreams.

I lie awake at night,
Hoping that I might
Fall asleep cause I can dream
Of being something more.

Life's not always bad,
Looking at the past
Old photographs of memories
You're never getting back.

The seasons always change,
But fate remains the same.
The clocks will never stop but you don't
Have to look their way.

So go get up,
And shake it off,
I know that you can find yourself if you've been feeling lost.
So hit the road,
And make a change,
I know that you can pass up every one of your mistakes.

So help me see the light,
And let me see this through.
Come make it clear to me,
What I'm here on earth to do.

Cause even if I'm late,
At least you'll know I cared.
I may have come in last,
But at least I made it there.
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Lost & Found Lyrics

Ember Oceans – Lost & Found Lyrics