I drift and swerve X16 [Hook]

I drift I swerve but I can't tell you why
All I know is that I'm feeling one hell of a high
I was in the club
Bunch a bad bitchez
Liquor in my system
Equal bad decisions
That is what I'm known for lemme make it clear
You ain't talkin money I suggest should you dissapear
Ladies and the drinks only reason why I'm here
If you ain't one of then the exits to the rear
You hot but yo friend is a beauty
Drop yo snapchat name I know its lookin like movie and I'm trying to play the co-star
We don't have to go far I'm parked out front in case
You ain't bring no car
How long it take you to put on that dress
I'm thinkin ten minutes nothin less
I could be wrong
I'm just taking a guess
But I respect and recognize you fresh
Its like I

I drift and swerve X16 [Hook]

Look at me
Do I seem like I'm worried
Only thing I press is making money in a hurry
Dippin swervin
Haters what I'm curving
Scoring when theres pressure steph curry kyrie irving
I guess I'm like a star
Now that the tables turnin
Feelin like I'm cube in the 90's higher learning
Feeling like I'm due all this paper that I'm earning
The kind that they be claiming but that remains undetermined
Slow it down
Lean like I'm in H-town
Its to the point I can't feel my face now
Heat it on hell's kitchen
Or the devils playground
I'm in to taking risks I might stay a while
Don't fuck around and get yo pass revoked
Provoking only gets yo ass choked
Before its said and done you on the curb
While me and mine driftin while we swerve

I drift and swerve X16 [Hook]
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Drift & Swerve Lyrics

Em Soto – Drift & Swerve Lyrics

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