[Verse 1]

Checkmate, crown me king
This loaded .44'll
Make you fold up like a yo-yo
Wrapped around the string
Buck to the spray
This pen and my knuckle'll sway
This trouble in your way
Like N.W.A., Ren coupled with Dre
The secret is out, the sneak peak leak
And your speaker's about bust, it just skeets skeets
Victory's mine, sick with the rhyme should be a crime
Convicting me, sentence should be a centuries time
You're not worthy to tangle with me
You're not worthy to hang with a G
Just dangling hanging from a tree
The moment you fear is near
You know it, this poet pierce a mere opponent and split his dome up from ear to ear
For acting like you don't hear me clear
I'm untouchable as a ho in a chastity belt from sheer Brazeer.

Yeah Dilla, these niggas is fronting on your boy, dawg(Yeah! )
We gotta show what's real(Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! )

[Verse 2]
They all holla I'm I'll over the beat
Don't get overly beat
The way your forefather tore cotton from fields
You forgot that the skill puts heads in a headlock
Shot you dead from cockin' still lead shared with the red dot
Now these niggas is eternally sleepin'
I think they personally prefer to be breathin'
Anyone versus me is certainly leavin'
The earth's surface and the surface sea and this region
You dealin' with a don!
A villain and a con artist find heartless killings still my feelings isn't gone
Run in your place with wonderful brace
Don't get stomped in your face
I'll make your lungs jump from your stomach to waste

Libido niggas! (Oh boy! ) The mixtape quality
(You already know what it is nigga.)
(We got the website coming! )
(Custom kicks) First magazine(First magazine! )
(Nigga we borrowing houses in Alabama)
Libido sound(Restaurants, the whole deal)
Look for that... that next Speed project(... dot com)
And that Elzhi and J Dilla joint, baby...

[Verse 3]
Toast glasses for your host with the most classic flows of the coast
You gaspin' like a ghost just rose from a closed casket
Elzion, the guy to keep your eyes on
Until the day you die, Satan fries, and the skies gone
One of 'em's over with
Don't walk towards me with a chip on your shoulder, you walk away with your shoulder chipped
I stole the whip, I'm already high and racing
Deadly combination like an itchy trigger fing-
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Checkmate Lyrics

Elzhi – Checkmate Lyrics