Some days I'm splintering and cracking at the seams.
Giving way for her to stay inside my mind and fucking with my life.
Some days I'm wide awake and ready to get out of here.
When 'Pep Talk' words kill thoughts of her:
It's not the end of the world it's gonna be okay.

And I'm still glad I know you
I'm still glad you make me sing.
And if I'm not alright, then it'll be alright.
Turn it up, I don't want to feel a thing.

I don't need anyone; just a box of records.
When I've got no reason to go on:
I may hate this place, but I love these fucking chords.

And I'm still glad I have you
And I'm still glad to be alive.
And if I'm not alright well then that's alright
I've got you to save my life.
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Patrick's Scarf Is So Douche Lyrics

Elway – Patrick's Scarf Is So Douche Lyrics