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Twenty-Five To Twelve Lyrics

Elvis Costello – Twenty-Five To Twelve Lyrics

You say you don't desire me
You only tire me
Now you'll hire me
Expensive care is meaningless
Feeling nothing and caring less
Cut off at the pass
She knows where you're headed
She wants double time
Or a temporary wedding

And the lucky girl leads a life of leisure
With 45 years for seconds of pleasure
The hands on the clock move so precisely
And I only kiss but once or twice
I can't help you now,
I can't help myself
Cause the times running out
And it's twenty-five to twelve

Crowds surround loudspeakers
On the lampposts
Listening to the murder mystery
Meanwhile someones in the classroom
Busy forging books on history
Wouldnt give that man my hand
Hed steal my fingers
So the sleuth ends up in stitches
And your urges turn to itches


I was committed to life
And then commuted to the outskirts
I was living with thirty minutes at a time
With a break in the middle for adverts
See the human furniture
But it's only for show
Now you can look all that you like
But they only let you touch and go

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