Surpassed celestial gates of light
I left the worldly spheres behind
Into atmospheres unknow
To the planet of silence
Ancient tales have told
Of sphinx on his throne
Create an aura unique
His superior mind doesn't need
Space or time
Pass through rooms of now and past
And leave the future way behind
Move through dimensions unexplained palace of eternity
Wisdom's books I search
In these temples of sphynx
Pyramids of peace meaningless time
No such thing as time
Quetly trace him slowly
And finally I confront him
He silently gazes with a piercing look
I'm overpowered, and struck by anxiety
His charisma enlightns me
His eyes tell tales I couldn't see
Sphinx is superior to my fate
He motions me, though no word is said
One last glance he turns away and he spreads his wings
Slowly rising soars up to the heights
The brightest star yet seen comes into sight
Ancient tales have told of sphinx on his throne
Create an aura unique his superior mind
Doesn't need space or time
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Sphynx Lyrics

Eloy – Sphynx Lyrics