Just like a thousand withered leaves
In highest crowns of silent trees
In deepest shadows of dark stars
They are approaching from afar...

Is this the time to cross the line?
Is this the sign to take what's mine?
For no more rules– the game is lost
Thy cup is full, this venom's yours

Now fear the spell of astral flame
Which flaring furious and insane
The eyes that shine the darkest fire
They touch with doom and deep desire...

The time has stopped, this moment's mine
To burn inside the spheres of mind
The Light is out, the gloom is in
Obscurity– our longest dream...

Feel your breath and feel your stare
Feel your breath on my breast
From nowhere...
Still here

All those ones who stare at me
Through ancient mirror, what d'you see?
Dark lunar crescent fades away
Nocturnal sun inside black day...

The clouds dissolved, the sky is clear
The joy has gone, brook full of tears
Dark shadows rise and disappear
They fill my soul with doom and fear...

Now burn for me my frozen flame...
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Frozen Flame Lyrics

Elnordia – Frozen Flame Lyrics