Saw you awake force the light of days
Gone by force this away
Learned a lot from day glow eyes
Feel this away torch the sun
If it can't keep time force this away
Feel the loss of the red womb sky
Feel this a waste of time

You went too far again you went to far
This time with your confidence
You sent back directions you file
On my reaction fire me up with common sense
You sent back distraction you fire
On my direction fire me up with confidence
You fit the description I can't decide

This and anyway you fit the distraction
And I can't fight the wait you fill yourself
With a letter home you found its hard to wait
You lace yourself with a cool colored confident ring

You're too hard to drink foot
On the first wing to the sky
You found it hard when everyone's high
You call on the contract to the states its to hard
To wait lay on the runway to the sky you found it hard

When everyone's high feel the loss of weight
Can you remember the deals you had to face
To be the king of September feel the loss of light
Can you stand the wait feel a loss this time you
Fed a loaded gun to me you fit the description
You fed a loaded gun to me you fit the distraction
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Second Story Skyscraper Lyrics

Elliott – Second Story Skyscraper Lyrics

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