Here's the army
That you mowed to the ground
And the bodies you left lying around
Talking it out
I'm through trying now
It's a big relief
The last hour
I'll be staying down
Just make it over
Mess me around

Where no-one else gonna give me grief
Your opinion was the law of the land
A single thing that I couldn't always understand
The only thing that never really changed
I lived it out from hour to hour
At the end of the day
You ran me all around
And dragged me down
Don't keep me around
Just make it over

I've been thinking of the things that I missed
Situations that I passed up for this
One way love I took for ours
It's a big relief
I'm through trying now
I'll be staying down
I wasn't good at being a theif
More like a clown
Make it over
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Last Hour Lyrics

Elliott Smith – Last Hour Lyrics

Songwriters: STEVEN P. SMITH
Last Hour lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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