Sky shining, girl
White steaming, girl
I'm swatting a wasp away, just
You smoking, girl
You joking, girl
'bout postmodern poetry, postmodern lust

Breathing you in all
Your second-hand smoke all
Your second-hand thoughts all
Your second-hand tales, but I know
When the second hand moves
You could be gone again
A wisp of you all that remains

Without you today
Maybe I'll fade
Into oblivion, girl.
Or maybe I'm made
To walk the line between
A pass and a fail
Hope you're wishing me luck
'cause I'm clumsy as fuck
Without you holding my hand

The line's getting thinner
The wire's getting higher
The crowd's getting small
And I know that I'll fall,
Over and over and over again

In the doorway, girl
In a grey haze, girl
Again we say goodbye
Left to stare at my desk, girl
Stare at the mess, girl
As I think and I sigh
This was your idea
You got us here



Yeah, yeah, yeah
The line's getting thinner, girl
The night's getting darker, girl
Can't face the critics alone any more
I need you I want you to walk through that door, yeah


Yeah, yeah, yeah, ooo-ooo-oooo
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Song For Charlotte Lyrics

Ellie Jones – Song For Charlotte Lyrics

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