Last night I had a dream
In it so it seems
You came by just to see me for a while

You said I'd be ok
To take life day by day
It just won't be the same without your smile

When you left me I was crushed
Your last kiss, it was not enough
Baby, I've been loving you too long

I know I have my fate
But, this is more than I can take
Deep inside I know that this is wrong
... so wrong

Smile down on me
From way up high
Comfort my weary head
When tears fill by eyes

You know I love you
And no matter how I try
I can't forget the day
The day you said goodbye

I remember all those times
We laughed so hard I'd cry
Coming home at 3am
Mom waiting up inside

I'll always have those memories
They put my heart at ease
When I see your smile
I know your soul's at peace.

Smile down on me
Don't let me cry
I've got so much to give
It's time to live my life

Sometimes when I close my eyes
I feeling deep inside
You're standing next to me
In my heart you're still alive

You're right here next to me
And I know I'll be alright.
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Smile Down Lyrics

Elli Z – Smile Down Lyrics

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