[Verse 1]
I took it all for granted
I know what I did
And what I became
But even you
You did some damage
All of those things
That you used to say

It's funny how
The bigger deal
Is smaller now
Smaller than it was before
But baby now I figured out
That all that we could talk about
Was wanting more

But even if we never find the time
And even if we never get it right
I know I'm glad I was able
To be by your side
And even if the stars can't align
You know where I am
You know where I am

[Verse 2]
We've never had it easy
You have your ways
And I sure have mine
But only you could ever see it
See through the walls
That I hide behind

It's funny how
The bigger deal
Is nothing now
Nothing how it was back then
But If only I had realised
That all that we would compromise
Was all we had


But all that could matter
Is still somewhere here
Pieces were shattered
But some are still near
And I said I would never
Hold on to you
But you hold on to me

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Even If Lyrics

Ella Eyre – Even If Lyrics

Songwriters: Ella McMahon, Greg Wells
Even If lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., BMG Rights Management

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