I think about you all the time
As I lok at the pictures on my wall
I think of the time we spent together
Now that we are apart and I wonder
Is this a real or just a dream
Now I'm layin here thinkin
Bout all the time we shared
Wishin you would be with me
Thinkin what if I need you darling
Would you even try to save me from these fears
Sitting here in my mind
But I know that I just wanna hld you tonighht
Don't turn away from our lives
Don't hide from them
And I can't make you happy
Like she does...
And I never wil...
Cuz now it's just my dream
To hold you tightly
Because after today
Nothing stays the same
And I wish you could have heard me
When I said baby...
Baby please don't go...
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Please Dont Go Lyrics

Elizabeth Rose – Please Dont Go Lyrics