I found someone new to love
I found someone that I really need
I found someone who makes me feel everything

Sometimes I’m lonely an di fell I can’t go on
Sometimes I’m sad I sit at hoe alone
But when I’m near you I see that ray of light comin in to guide me
And I do things right


No more emptiness with you in my life
You are the one I love you take away me fright
Oh Forever won’t you stay with me
Don’t you ever ever go away
I searched for someone like you ‘you’re my sunshine at the end of the

Chorus 2x

Don’t you ever go don’t you go where you can’t be found
Believing in you again has turned my whole life around
Your love has touched my heart and soul and I feel the strength to carry on
The power that you released in me has cleared my mind and I feel set free
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Found Someone Lyrics

Eliza – Found Someone Lyrics

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