(Sexy, Sexy, Sex)

Hey you, come here.
Let me show you something.
(Sexy, sexy you're so sexy sexy sex.)

I can't help it when I
Wake up through the night.
Tossin' and turnin'
Cuz you're not layin' by my side
To caress me,
Whispering sweet nothings in my ear.
(aaahhhh) ooooh!

Pre Chorus:
I wanna touch your body, sexy.
I wanna make you scream my name.
You feel so good to me.
There's no other kind like you.
You're the one I'm gonna choose.
So give it to me! (aaahhh)

Like X.O.X
(ooo) text me sexy, sexy, sex.
Lips painted red
(ooo) with sexy, sexy, sex.
Your sexy, sex
(ooo) is sexy, sexy, sex.
So hot, show me
(ooo) your sexy, sexy, sex.

Verse 2:
Yeah you gettin' into it,
Don't make me wait another second.
I don't wanna get a little to impatient,
Get me bodied,
Cuz my time is tick-ticking away for you.
(Damn you sexy)

Pre Chorus:
I wanna do thangs,
Good thangs,
Bad thangs,
Sexy thangs,

Thangs that'll blow your mind.
When you get a hold of me,
There's no turning back, baby.
Ooh! So give it to me!

Repeat Chorus

Hey You sexy, sexy, sex!

I'm a sexy girl
With the sexy things,
I can make your body move
In them crazy, sexy ways.
Got my curves lookin' right
And my clothes fittin' tight.
I'm a red-bone chick,
Red-bottom heels, high.
Got one in the day,
Got another at night.
I don't take what's yours,
Cuz it's already mine.
Don't gimme them digits,
Cuz I'm not counting numbers,
But when I'm feelin' sexy
Know your girl's gonna holla.

(shake it, shake it, sha-, sha-)
(you're so sexy sexy sex)
(I'm sexy, you sexy, we sexy)
(you're so sexy sexy sex)

So give it to me!

(da-da, da-da)
Like X.O.X
(Oh! Your Sexy, Sexy Sex)
Lips painted red
(Oh! Your lips are painted red)
Your sexy sex
(I wanna know what you're feelin' baby)
So hot, show me
(Hey! You sexy, sexy, sex!)
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Sexy, Sexy Lyrics

Eliz Camacho – Sexy, Sexy Lyrics