Molded from a cell of degeneration,
To unfold and create society,
A manifestation of scientific creation,
A future state of misery,
Created with the purpose to manifacture,
A life form with a soul,
Experimentation leads to fructuation,
Of humanities useless goals.

Fractional error brings degeneracy,
Without any moral inclimation,
An accumulating cesspool of fury,
Leads to horrific destructive escalation,
The creature continues to conquer,
An abscess with little remorse,
A bacterial parsitic creature with an affinity to use

Slit wrist,
Suicide silence.

A monstrosity growing at rapid rates,
A symbolic devolution,
Justifying horrific primordial acts,
A humanoid bastardization,
Morbid state of misery will arrive,
World deplete of any understanding,
The victims of this terror will not survive,
Picutre a world that is failing.

Slit wrist,
Suicide silence.

Weakening, destabalizing, governments fall,
Anarchy, the pangea to cure us all,

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,
We've sealed our fate to end our lives,
End the lies.

A state of total destruction,
Images in my mind,
A vision of human perfection,
Leads to maggots eating my mind,
A sleeping state of silence,
It's the only resolution,
A pitiful state of flesh,
Bring me the solution.

The agony I must endure,
Paranoia without relent,
I beg thee for the cure,
To lead me to my descent,
I am victim to a scientific creation,
We are enslaved to a molded fabrication.

You can run but you can't hide,
I am your maker,
Your soul is mine.

The molded cell is suffering lunacy,
In need of serious medication,
It appears the only remedy,
Is through a lobotomization,
Medical treatment, he is insured,
Let us administer the latest achievement,
You'll be pleased to know we've brought the cure,
That will bring total contentment.

Slit wrist,
Suicide silence.
Don't resist,
Suicide silence.
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Prescription For Extinction... Time Enough At Last Lyrics

Eliminator – Prescription For Extinction... Time Enough At Last Lyrics