One more day's passed by and I'm left with nothing.
And it starts again.
In this language there's so many trade-ins and lost ends now,
And everything I thought was right could be wrong.
'Cause there's so many ways, so many silent letters
And false meanings to these words.

I can't protect this life. I can't forget all this.
I see you're alive, and try to avoid it.
Whevever I see you're alone and you're crawling back,
Everytime I Fall.

We sit alone beside ourselves and see how out of place we look.
Start to take the time to realize this is a simple life,
Held down by all the things we thought we knew.
We've talked about this so many times that I know it's over.

And we're here again.
In this time, this place, this moment, and we're learning how it feels.
Everthing I said was right.
Can we try to find some other way, some kind of hidden message,
Or a meaning to these words?

As these letters turn into words, and these feelings I fear seem so unheard of
In this fraction of time I will kneel to the ground, I will open my eyes to the world that surrounds me
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Beside Ourselves Lyrics

Elias The Band – Beside Ourselves Lyrics