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Questions Lyrics

ELHAE – Questions Lyrics

What can I do to make you love me?
What can I do to make this last?
I'm sitting here tryna stay strong
All my friends say forget about your past, its over
"She's never coming back"
I scream at the top of my lungs
"You don't know that!"
Maybe I do, just caught between a lie and what is the truth
I talk to your mother more than I talk to you
Just tryna figure out if you're okay and what to do
Its been kinda rough
But you ain't gotta worry
Just take your time, baby I ain't in no hurry
I'm focused on me, got some things in the works
Some good news, you're the one I wanted to tell first but
I don't want to bother, just want to get back to where we started
Do you even think of my love?
Do you even understand what you feel?
I know they say that love is a drug
A lethal one that probably can kill

(Verse 2)
I felt rehab
Back to a relapse
Whatever that you need, baby I can be that
Don't close the book on this story
We got some more to write
What happened to those plans that we use talk of every night?
I guess it didn't mean enough to feel you had to fight
Or sacrifice, let me bring you back to life
I don't deserve to fee the way I do
But I can't be mad at you, I just gotta accept the truth
Its over, I can't hold her
Not much closure, its hard to hold up
But in the end I learned a lesson
Hiding as a blessing, no more questions

I don't know its just crazy, you know
You really put your heart out there and you just think
You know, not me, couldn't happen to me
That's life, no more questions

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