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Halfway Love Lyrics

ELHAE – Halfway Love Lyrics

Girl when you dance
There's a magic, that must be love
I don't want your love
There'd be no true love but lies
Girl when you dance
There's a magic that makes me love

Yeah, I'm on top, why you looking at me
I feel the change when we switch up the beat
Ain't got a lot of money but I got some time
And this tongue can do way more that spit some rhymes
I'm living in the future, seducing you with music
So how you tryina do this?
Baby you the coolest, and with me will be a unit
She loves to wear Fendi, but with me she becomes a nudist
Uh, it just got so humid
Forgive me lord, I'm just human
Honestly, I know better but that kitty had me stupid and
I know that she a good girl
And I'm a good dude
Mix that with the right song and the right mood, ah

Give me that feeling,
Give me that feeling back baby
You give me that feeling back
You give me that oh, oh, oh
Give me that feeling back baby
Girl when you dance
There's a magic, that must be love

Let me appreciate that godly figure
I'm bound to love your interior when I enter
I love your hair, I love the way you smile
Something bout the way you dress
You gotta love the style
I'm just fascinated, this so lovely
You make a n*gga hop on flights to different countries
Sadly, but I promise you I'll be back soon
Grab your waist and kiss you on your tattoo
Keeping faith on my lips
Giving thanks to the lord
That he gave me this gift
It's a dream, yeah I know
But I can't get a grip
On reality, that's why they keep telling me life's a bitch
I wish you would let me live
I still believe in love,
I still believe in god
I know that he's above
And trust me I ain't really into playing all them games
I can tell by looking at you
That you probably feel the same, understand

Girl when you dance
There's a magic, that must be love
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