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4 Days Lyrics

ELHAE – 4 Days Lyrics

I been up for 4 days
Ain't got a call from anybody asking if a nigga okay
"Where you been?"
"How the fam?"
"How the whole game?"
Honestly, I'm trying not to pull a Kobain
Niggas going crazy
Back to back countries on a slow day
Middle fingers to a crumbs niggas want the whole cake
Boy you can't play me
I don't claim to be Jay-Z
But you can't deny a nigga spittin' Propane
You just need to...
Step back, let a nigga live and some'
Tired of coming up short
Tired of getting none
Baby, you just adding on to the stress now
In the industry, ain't nothing but some reptiles
I had to call Kehlani just the other day
I asked her why these niggas sleeping on a nigga wave
She told me "Niggas can't deny that a nigga great, the realeast shit takes a little longer just wait"

So tell me what I gotta do to be great
'Cause I've been up for 4 days
Straight, straight, straight

Yeah, ain't no competition
If you really sit and listen then you might agree
Ain't no question I believe I'm in the Ivy Leagues
I don't listen to these niggas, I am not intrigued
I just want my just do, why must you be so damn whack
Niggas don't trust you to bring that real music back
I'm on my own dick now
Listen to my own tracks
Next time I listen to the radio I might just snap
It's pathetic
Less about the love of music, more about the letters
I was doing this before a nigga got a check
When I got one, it was more about getting respect
When you grind for so long and these niggas don't believe
Then you glow up 23 million plays on the stream
All of a sudden niggas wanna get up on your team
Still a nigga tryna get up on his feet
Let me ask you
I was just wanna know why

So tell me what I gotta do to be great
'Cause I've been up for 4 days
Straight, straight, straight

I don't give a damn
You gon' know that I'm the man
Due time, due time, due time
Due time, due time
Don't act like, don't act like
Don't act like you don't want...
Baby I'm all of
Baby I'm all of
Can't believe that it's over
I just wanna get over
Tell me what I gotta do to be great

Don't wanna be shit
Everything that we did
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