Hear the rhythmic crashing of the waves - the raging ocean breathes
A crystal intelligence, the fiddle of the king of sleep

Lured by it's bewitching song, we cluster unto it's shores
To bathe in the primordial womb, the blood of the earth

Within this ancient vast abyss, the largest creatures dwell
Mantas, whales and timeless sharks, fabled kraken and plesiosaurs

The hurricane moon rises, whipping the frenzied tides
Winds of iron, mariners brace against the coming storm
Beneath the water, a vivid cascade of boundless solar light
True rapture of the deep

Entranced by parallel streaks of white foam
Follow the unknown path of the Bimini Road
From profoundest heights plunge into it's depths
Even brilliant Atlantis sank as a stone

Ghosts of submerged vessels in the salty haze
Those who dared to challenge this indomitable entity
For as gulls now rest upon it's calm surface
Even the most titanic ships unsinkable were swallowed whole
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The Raging Ocean Lyrics

Elephant – The Raging Ocean Lyrics