Start to count from ten to zero.
Maybe you will be my hero.
Follow me.
Try to follow me.

You will keep your eyes wide open,
If you wanna taste my doping
Just to see
Flames of ecstasy.

Admiration makes no difference.
Face the fact of my existence.
Call my name.
Always call my name.

There's a simple explanation
For this kind of situation:
It's a game.
Take it as a game.

Catch me
One more time for tonight.
And let me out once again.
It's the part of my plan.

Catch me.
I'm still here in your sight.
You cannot finish this chase.
Not this time, not this place.

Maybe I could stay to please you.
Better I will tease you.
I believe, this kind of girl is more like me.

Endless moments, restless hours
Give no chance for lovers
Trapped inside each other's passion. Can you see!

Will you find my true devotion?
Will I leave your heart in motion?
Time will show.
Only time will show.

You don't really have to wonder
Who's the prey and who's the hunter.
I don't know.
And I'll never know.

Dignity is lost in fire,
But be sure – it's not that dire.
Let it burn.
Please, just let it burn.

Do you think it has no meaning?
But my end is your beginning.
It's your turn.
Now it is your turn.
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Catch Me Lyrics

Elen Cora – Catch Me Lyrics