You Never Cease To Amaze Me

Where can I find some peace of mind
The line that they've drawn is way too fine
It isn't mine
Sometimes the things that we have seen
We wish so much that we had never had to see
When I sit back and when I am alone
I try not to act the way that I was shown
Just because you don't see the other side of the moon
Doesn't mean it's not there
Time travels slow but maybe soon
When I'm with you it makes so much sense
There is no question that you can't give the answer to
You hold my heart and you have given me a start
Where would I be if you had never loved me?
All the special things we can't see with our eyes
They're the underlying meanings in our life
Even though I can't see you with my eyes
God you are the meaning in my life
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You Never Cease To Amaze Me Lyrics

Element 101 – You Never Cease To Amaze Me Lyrics