The path that you paved
Was the path that I was forced to take
For years I slept in a box made of bones
I could not see that if I'd opened my eyes I would be free
I'm worn out by having my mind running this maze

I though it was clear that I stayed in fear
I spare the dust the weight of my knees
Distractions are gone and there's no one at guard
I escape through a hole in your chest
You, I will never trust
I don't look back, I don't check for pulse

Millions you've fooled
With your glowing hands and beady eyes
You steered them to the rocks
You just stood and watched
I doused the lamps, I hung on to the mast
I'm worn out by having my mind crawling this maze

Never trust

The words from a face that can not bleed
The waving hand that can not feel
I'm better alone on a path of my own
Now I know I will never trust you
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Worn Out Lyrics

Elapse – Worn Out Lyrics