This city is not broken, your fallen dreams come true
For all existence, shattered in two
I feel myself falling, a vile voice crawling
Underneath my skin, entwined with beauty calls

Savage battles amongst us carry an unspoken mist
A Ghost I can witness the atrocity of it all
Corrupt human souls behold mans false idols
We are the parasite, we are the parasite

I call upon my mistress, my darkened mortal queen
Unholy goddess of darkened night
True bearer of mistral disease

Destroyer my name, a secret controlling
Impurity so vain
Our annihilation is our only cure
Together eternally fucked

A final stand, we fail as one
Sinking faster, a martyr enslaved within this,
This evil world, I say my final prayers
And fall further into the night

Desecrating tongue consuming human flesh
Pale shade, gluttony
A spawn so tragic, despicable, so vile, hail!
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Chaos Reigns Lyrics

Elaine Easom – Chaos Reigns Lyrics

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