I slash monikers backwards
Haggle proof snaggletooth fabulous 5 freddy
Krueger finger discount bliss lou retton dismount
Spin out of control to doctor basics
Bladed secada wings offer awkward facelift
Leak laser to fade shit
I splash commoner fragments, rattle crews, cattle lose
Fabulous four finger ringer, backflip, discount mechanism
S** distortion, terror gorn from old favorate phasing
Famous danger lacing agent, baby
Aim high, when a flying monkey swoops down over
Dorothy sound system
To capture the bitches and toto too systems
Y'all pimps front on some indestructible daytrip with the
Lifespan of a box playing public enemy in Sal's famous
Feel dystopia vs. Elysium, time ticks and the hand keeps feeding them
A billion try to bark revolution when only knee deep in the medium
Duck you lucked out, there's 1 out of every 99 fans on the same route
Another colossal blunder
Born as heir to thom inside of spirit, better scatter for your teepee
For every American sleepy teen parked in tv, friendly apartments
Carving this creepy nations of P. T. Barnums
Where you at? I'm right the fuck here right now
Where you at? I'm getting the fuck down tonight
Where you at? I'm a spread the fuck out something precious
Gavels for the guilty rattlesnake bait for the snitches
Cackles for the silky shallow lake wades for the midgets
Badges for the filthy that'll make hate seem less vicious
Shackles for the filthy battle break plates for your interests
I'm a strap your dignity down and see what that bitch could bench press
Relentless, archon player, after dark parking lot cipher slayer, roll'em
Catch snake eyes in 3 dimensions for the artificial martyr
Freeze dried poltergeist jus
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Delorean Lyrics

El-p – Delorean Lyrics