[Verse 1: Nero]
Haha hahahahah
Life journey here I come
Come on come on

Over tha years I done a lot of growin' up
Was anxious of gettin' rich in a rush
Started on da streets of Bamenda with nothing
And niggas said I anint got no future and annit gona make it
So I asked ma self What's the future?
All what could come to ma mind was the projects lookin' hopeless Where more And more niggaz givin' up and don't care
But I knew I was a niggaz that I hate when niggaz act up
I was not raise 2 give up so I got in da game
I got my hustle on, learned to ignore what couldn't pay me
And I roam around with niggas who where destined to get a short way in life Later I began gettin them papers and handling managin' money, I never came across and started throwin' money 'cause I could do it and I love it From nothin' to somethin'
Time when on and I had enormous motherfuckin G's
Who could not wait till I down
They salivate, pray, wish for my downfall cuz I Kept gettin more papers Motherfuckin niggas tried all they could do to bring me down
And started setting me up to the cops. I was trapped up in ma city
Could barely walk in tha city streets without a cop harassing me, Searching me then asking my identity hands up, throw me up inside the car When I didn't do a thing at all
All they wanted was ma money & to see me go down.
Despite all what motherfucken niggas did to try to bring me down
They ain't no stoppin me
I was constantly movin while makin more papers and I never stop bailin obstacles came but I flep over them cuz
When I picture my birth on this Earth
I know I was born to win

[Chorus: x2]
Tell em'
It's ma Life Journey'
Bailin till' I die
Ain't nuttin gona stop me
When em' stupid haters ask why?

[Verse 2: Nero]

Game? I got my mind on makin' money
I was smart and very defensive
And shit put together some achievements for some bailin shit
Got ma self motorcycles, stores & cars
So I got some fame that caught some stupid bitches that pass their pussy free And mother fucken niggas increase the rate of thier jealously
When they see bailing
And I was tired of bein on the looked out for
Then I said to ma self
Naw, they can't put me down
I have had enough there must be another route, way out to money and fame So I changed my Country And played a different game
Niggas like me don't give up, we get high and we multiply Muthafuckaa!
Who are you to judge the life I live?
I know I'm not perfect and I don't live to be
But, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.”
Give a holla to my niggas still in da Cameroon cities hasting
I'm livin' in ny-Usa still clutchin' on my money

[Chorus: x4]
Tell em'
It's ma Life Journey'
Bailin till' I die
Ain't nuttin gona stop me
When em' stupid haters ask why?

Now let me tell you!

Uh, yeah, uh been through alot, uh yeah
Had 2 face hard knocks in Bamenda, Douala and other places
But I'm grateful for ma blessings
Did it from the bottom, nose diving for the riches Been a high roller
Flip the Carina E, Maszda to a Chrisler
Started with nothing now there's money with power and connections
Higher then ever, top flow, popping bottles
I'll always keep my essence and I proceed to blow
Holla to ma niggas who stood by me especially Kimbalo
Got so much love for ma momma and dad they did so much for me
I'll always show respect ma God father
Got so much love for ma family, they always got ma back
But niggaz gota learn to hold thier own
Come follow me throughout my history It's just me against my haters stuck in my riches. So I give a message to ma haters

[ Outro: Nero]
Heh, hahahahahahah
Muh'fuckers haters you need to just calm down
And peep what the fuck you wanna do for the rest your the life
'Fore you end your life before you begin your life
You dumb niggas
You could be a fuckin' accountant or engineer, not a machine man
You know what I'm sayin'?
Fuck around and you pimpin' out here you could
I know it seem hard sometimes but remember
Life is one big road with lots of signs
So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind
Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy
Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality.
Wake Up and Live!

Young motherfuckin' hustlers, stay strong nigga,
We the business
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Life Journey Lyrics

El Haji Nero – Life Journey Lyrics

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