(Give me)
(Give me)
(Give me)
(Give me)
(Give me)
(Give me)
(Give me)
(Give me)

Give me rainbows after midnight
Angels in the twilight's purple mist

Miracles appear
When I hold you near
And you give me -- give me your lips
(Give me rainbows)

Give me songbirds softly calling
While the snow is falling from above
Music heaven's sing
You give me these things
When you give me -- give me your love

I'll give you all I've got
Things to bring you happiness
Hugs that will caress you
Lips that pray and bless you
And 'til we hold some silver and gold

Give me rubies of the ocean
Pearls of emotion
A wedding band
Give me all these things
While the choir sings
And I give you -- give you my hand

Give me -- give me all the things women long for
A home that? From above
Darling if you do
This I promise you
I will give you -- give you...
Give you my love!
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Give Me Lyrics

Eileen Rodgers – Give Me Lyrics