Spontaneous juggular penetration
Impulsive random carnage
Serrated blades sever spinal nerves
Grinding between vertebrae
Gashing veins, Slashing violently
Furiously ripping loose hanging flesh
From a shredded and disfigured neck
Disconnecting tendons
Choking and Gargling as your windpipe is crushed
Crude lobotomy, cranial contents emptied
Spilling into an abominable heap
Of sickening cerebral viscera
Potent flatulence erupts
Preparing for explosive release
Intestines churning and gurgling with anticipation
Distended bowels void
Anally disgorging excrement
Splattering and painting your head with shit
Imbued in sewage
Dysentery drenches the severed appendage
Climactic sposmosic surges permeate anterior cavities
Cutting and stripping off your face
To wipe away the repugnant waste
Your skin becomes a useless rag
Your skull becomes my septic tank
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Intracranial Corprostasis Lyrics

Eighty Thousand Dead – Intracranial Corprostasis Lyrics