My eyes are the first to break our gaze
I could leave this all, I shouldn't entertain these thoughts
I'm caught in your presence
Heavens open up, pour into you
To form your waters,
A daughter of might, divine and true
Now you're far, so far from me
On our path something's in the way
I'd remove our distance, at least I'd like to
Hear your roar once more, before I am again consumed
If I go to the sea and if my sails are raised
I trust the weight in my heart to pull me down beneath your waves
I do not fear the currents, nor sharp stones in shallow coves
Unafraid of the demons at sea, only preoccupied battling with my own
I know the truth but can't accept that it will be ok,
Don't trust your words when you say I will make it through the night
You're still so far, far from me
If I go to the sea and if my sails are raised
I trust this heavy heart to pull me beneath your waves
Let your waves of affection crash upon my shores
Either landlocked with demons or asleep on your ocean floor
I can't stand this distance anymore
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Landlocked Lyrics

Eidola – Landlocked Lyrics