I remember started dating you in graduation
Made me fucking happy filled my life with sensations
Never thought we had to break cause you cheated
Man I shouldn't never wrote this song but I'm grieving'
Try to expose what really feel for you
Even though you hate me I'll be here for you
Writing from the heart I just hope that you listen
Reminiscing back when everything was still glisten'
Cause every situation now you are just bitching'
Take a minute hear this don't speak just listen
Posting' shit about me on your fucken status
Never disrespected you but you causing damage
Brighter days are gone all I'm seeing are the stratus
Wanna get revenge? Go ahead and cause madness
Insulting me with names, You do It I deserve it
All I gotta tell you being next to ya was perfect
And brown boy told me to keep me humble
To never quit the music due to all the fucking struggles
I could always tell that you never really cared
Cause every time I needed someone you was never there
Pretend like you didn't have a phone when talked
I could always tell somethings up when we walked
I know they prolly thinking that this song sucks
But guess what bitch I don't give a fuck!
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How Ironic Lyrics

Efcey – How Ironic Lyrics