Jeer at him moving in slow-mo surrounded
By a spirit-entourage so odd-inviting sneer
You ride the spinning wheel that's getting faster
Outside they saw the passing centuries

Round and round merry go round
Round and round you go
Scream and shout laugh aloud

It's so out of vogue
To lead a way outside the catalogue, you're in vogue
And don't understand
It's so out of vogue to contradict
Your transient mistress of the world
How does it feel in your cage
Trapped in vogue?

So don't you miss a thing in your carrousel
You feel so proud behind the steering wheel
The mind you sold waves at you from outside
And you feel happy as you kneel

Lady dark crack the whip-300 pounds of lust
One shall get what you nedd..

It's so out of vogue
How do you do inside the catalogue?
You're in vogue and don't miss a thing...
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Out Of Vogue Lyrics

Edguy – Out Of Vogue Lyrics