Giants stone built up by desire
No one could thell us the secret of fire
The hunger for wisdom deep in your heart
You can't accept that you're living apart

Water runs down the river
Lord you are the only to deliver
Night, stay night

In the night nothing's white
Not a knowledge not a light
Lord, will you tell me why someday

Fairytale - life is one big fairytale
A book of seven seals
Someone tell me why and how

I'm always told to kneel down and pray
What shall I do to stay on my way
Questions borrow through my brain
Pound and disturb and drive me insane

Lost in visions of knowledge I'll never owe
Night to night

In the night not a light
Not a knowledge nothing's white
Lord, will you tell me someday
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Fairytale Lyrics

Edguy – Fairytale Lyrics

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