I'm gonna stomp you on the top of your foot
And hang you from a big long fishing hook
And drop you plunge to the bottom of the sea, hey-hey
Let the sharks eat you all up
If them mean old whales don't interrupt
Cos baby you know how you been torturing little ol' me

I'm the judge, the jury too
Judgement has been brought upon you
You been convicted for the crime you've done
You made me feel like a little ol' crumb
You know it's wrong to torture me
You love my friends the same way you love me
And like Tom, I don't wanna hang from a big oak tree over you
When I say hop, I mean make like a frog
And when I say bark, you better sound like a dog
Cos I'm gonna torture you
The same way you been torturing little ol' me, hey-hey
Stop torturing me baby
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You Been Torturing Me Lyrics

Eddie Cochran – You Been Torturing Me Lyrics